Sep. 8th, 2017

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I live in Houston, which has not been a great location for the last couple of weeks. Houston got a year's worth of rain in 3-4 days a week or 2 back thanks to Hurricane Harvey, and parts of the city are still under water.

We were astoundingly fortunate. Water never got into our house or our vehicles, unlike thousands of our neighbors. Homes just a few blocks from us had 4-5 feet of water in them. We couldn't go more than half a mile from our house before the water was too deep for safety. Good friends have lost everything they owned with 5-7 feet of water in their homes and their vehicles submerged.

Our problems were minor. Our dogs were going stir-crazy because classes and dog events were cancelled. A local comic con I had planned to attend was cancelled because the building is being used as a shelter. We're having to shuffle responsibilities at our training club because some very active members lost everything, and they don't currently have the time or energy to deal with dog club stuff. I think I have survivors guilt for getting off so lightly.

Now I'm watching impending disaster for Florida. Pray for them to survive Irma. Pray for Houston to recover from Harvey.


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