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Flyer and I are in our first advanced Rally class. I'm learning what the signs mean; Flyer knows her part pretty much. If we don't get her RA, it will be because of the offset figure 8. Flyer has to heel nicely off-lead around bowls of food and/or toys. She is both food and toy obsessed; getting her to ignore those temptations is going to be a challenge, to say the least.

Giddy is in her first class in over 4 years, since before my stroke. Her heeling is actually pretty nice once she gets past the initial excitement of being in class. Her recall and finishes are pretty good too. Her downfall thus far is stays.  She. Just. Can't. Stay, especially if I begin to move away from her, even if it's just a foot or less. We'll keep working on it. If she can learn to stay with me fairly close,  she can compete in Rally. If she ever reaches the point that I can walk across the ring from her, we'll do obedience trials too.

One embarrassing moment in class tonight: I managed to trip on oneof the matts, and went splat. Since my left arm and leg aren't very cooperative and I'm a fat woman, I had to wait until 2 strong men could be found to lift me to my feet.  Giddy, bless her clingy little heart, stayed glued to me while I was on the floor. The instructor had to drag her out of the way while they were lifting me up, and she flew back to me as soon as she was released. Some of the other dogs in the class have to be on a longline for recalls, because they'll go running around the room playing "catch me if you can". Giddy comes straight to me and does a perfect front. Such a mama's girl!
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